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For those of you who are still novices may have gained a certain computer hardware such as a printer or scanner or a USB modem, once plugged suddenly appears jendala containing the inscription “welcome to the found new hardware wizard“, and then because of the confused and do not understand what the intent is that you immediately cancel button pressed and consequently on the lower right corner of the notification will appear like the image below that is “a problem occured during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly “.


Why does the above could happen? the answer is because you have to install the drivers download on your computer in accordance with the device that you plug it in.
What the hell is actually a Printer driver is it? What is understanding the drivers and what functions that drivers on the computer? Understanding driver Free Download or device drivers in the language of Indonesia is a controller device driver is paper, the term information technology refers to software component that allows a computer system to communicate with a hardware device.
Please note that most of the hardware, will not be able to run or not run at all in the absence of a suitable driver is installed in the operating system. Device drivers, generally will be loaded into the kernel (kernelspace) operating system during the boot process is done, or on-demand (when there is user intervention or insert a device plug-and-play). Some operating systems also offer device drivers that run in the user (userspace) operating system. Some drivers have been incorporated into the operating system by default upon installation, but a lot of hardware, particularly new ones, cannot be supported by the drivers the default operating system. Is a task users should supply and insert the printer driver download into the operating system. Driver download also generally provide a hardware interrupt handling services needed by the hardware.
Please also note the computer hardware generally requires abstraction. The same device might be different. Hardware makers are releasing new models that provide better reliability or higher performance. The new models are often controlled differently from previous models. Computers and computer operating systems cannot be expected to know how to work the device, especially if there are multiple devices, be it for the time being or for the foreseeable future.
understanding the drivers and function of computer drivers
To solve problems like this, any operating system, create a specification of how each device can be set by the operating system. Device drivers, created with the purpose to mentranslasikan the functions of the operating system into a command that is owned by the device concerned. Theoretically, a new device, which is usually controlled with the use of a new way to work with a normal if there is indeed a suitable device driver. This new driver will ensure that the device in question can operate as usual from the perspective of the operating system.
Hopefully the article on understanding the drivers and the function driver above could be useful for you in need.

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