Understanding Antivirus free download site and its

 Understanding Antivirus free download site and its Sense And Anti-virus Function, Asslamu’alaikum. viewed from the blog title here I will explain a little understanding and a function of the antivirus smadav latest version, if already know what smadav antivirus offline isnatller the good news keep reading this article because here may be a bit useful also for PAL.


Actually what the antivirus it?
From the word anti means protection or protection. so is antivirus protection from viruses which means there is penykit also there must be a cure, meaning AVG antivirus 2016 is a computer or protection against drugs to avoid viruses that can cause the computer PAL can be infected. If a computer is infected with a virus will cause a few things, so the impact of the virus on the computer there are many:
1. Data on the computer can be lost
2. restarting the computer can continue to
3. Files can be terhinden or hidden virus
4. A computer can be damaged and must be reinstalled (the most severe)
Well so that the presence of the virus in the world of technology many experts create antivirus for overcoming it.
The Function Of Anti Virus smadav 2016
The function of the computer is very great antivirus because if our computer there is no defense system then automatically our computer will be easy once infected, functions here as a protection or protection from virus whose name obviously must be frequently updated his Avast antivirus 2016 because Yes it’s always appear the most recent so there are also antivirus also the latest as well. In addition to mencaegah the name of the virus, anti-virus now suda is equipped with web scanner meaning if there is a website on the internet that does harm then there will be a warning or be said it was dangerous to your website because usually contain malware, there are also protection keyloger keyloger, what is it?
Keyloger virus which is a function to get valuable data from your computer.
Now for my recommendations from antivirus to date I use AVG antivirus 2016 offline installer is, because it includes complete and not cruel now, if there was a virus surely removed by the latest tp for AVG now AVG is also extremely sensitive in addition to protecting your computer with a good friend. Are free from any AVG also had nice kok. well it first postings from me. .. Thanks

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