Understanding the Browser, a free download site functions and its

Understanding the Browser, a free download site functions and its
Web Browser
A Web Browser is a program used to explore the Internet world or to seek information about a web page stored on your computer. Initially, the web browser is just text-oriented and not yet able to display images.
However, the web browser is now not only showing images and text, but also play multimedia files. The browser can also send and receive email, process sebahai HTML language input and renders web pages as informative output.
Examples of web browsers include: Internet Explorer 2016, Mozilla Firefox  offline installer, Opera, netscape, etc.
Things to know in the internet browsing is an understanding of the structure of the web address, e.g. http://www.google.com then the address can be defined:
~ http: web transfer service (Protocol)
~ www: largest web site network as addressing web site manager
~ google: locality name (domain), the name of the institution as a web
com ~: last name domain, usually indicates the field of the site
some domain name:
-co, com: commercial enterprises
-net: enterprise networking
org, or nonprofit organization or Foundation:
edu, ac, sch: educational institutions
The Function Of The Web Browser
To create a Web application, in this case we are using HTML. Here we need a useful editor to type, edit or save documents HTML Editor to design a Web divided 2 IE WYSIWYG (Graphic) Editor, such Notepad and Ultra Edit, and WYSIWYG Editors, such as Netscape and Front Page.
The Basic HTML Structure
The main function of the web browsers is to display web pages in the internet, in addition to that we can store the website and can we call again later (Bookmark), the website can also be stored (save) to the information in it can we take
Already many times I make my article how to install and configure a variety of web servers such as Apache, Nginx and OpenLitespeed in various Linux distro, either Centos, Debian or Ubuntu, but there has never been any one article that discusses what is a web server, what understanding, functionality as well as how to work the web server so that it can run in accordance with their functions.
Therefore, before you feel disappointed and confused with what I always tell them in other articles, so in this article I will discuss what is a web server, from the start, understanding the function up to the process or the workings of the web server itself.
Understanding Web Server
Web server or which in English is called a web server software (software) in a server to accept a request (request) in the form of a web page through the HTTP protocol and the HTTPS from client or better known by the name of the browser, then send back the results (response) request into the form of web pages which are generally shaped like an HTML document.
From an understanding of the above, it can be inferred that the web server is the waiter (giver of services) for the web client (browser) such as Mozilla firefox offline installer, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome 2016, Opera 2016, Safari and others, so that the browser can display the page or the data that you requested.
Web Server Function
The main function of a web server is to transfer or move a file that is requested by the user through a specific communication protocol. Therefore in one web page typically consists of a wide variety of file types such as pictures, video, text, audio, and other files, then the utilization of web servers serve also to transfer the whole aspect of filings with securities in these pages, including text, images, video, audio, files and so on.
When you want to access a Web page, usually you type the page in a browser such as mozilla firefox 2016, chrome and others. After you request (usually by pressing enter) to be able to access that page, the browser will do the requests to the web server. This is the web server role, the web server will find the requested data browser, and send that data to the browser or reject it if it turns out that the requested data is not found.
Some examples of the web server is the most widely used such as:
Apache Tomcat
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
Zeus Web Server
The features of the standard web server are:
Virtual Hosting
Setting Bandwidth
Content Compression
Http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used by web servers and web browsers to be able to communicate between each other. While the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secure version of HTTP (secure). Usually the HTTP protocol using port 80 and HTTPS protocols using port 443. To know and member

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